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Talented & Engaging: AHKE Tour Guides and Field staffs

We believe you'll find our tour guides are the best you've ever traveled with. That's not an idle claim - it's backed by the most rigorous recruiting, hiring, training and guest satisfaction programs in the business. As hundreds of guests tell us, year after year, our guides and trip leaders are what make each AHKE trip truly unforgettable. Boundlessly enthusiastic, inspiring and caring, these outstanding men and women are renowned for their ability to transform a great vacation into an authentic, enriching—and sometimes profoundly life-changing - experience you would never have on your own. In short, these people are our greatest asset and guests who have traveled with other outfitters tell us that our leaders are head and shoulders above the rest.

We invite you to read guest review about our leaders. Our leaders are what really set us apart. Choose AHKE and travel with the Bhutan’s best. Among our talented Tour Guide are:

Ugyen Tshering Coach Driver Since 1997

He is one of the senior employee at AHKE. Native of a village in Wangdue beside dammed Punatsangchu River for Hydropower.

He started driving Toyota SUV, and then moved on to drive Mini Van Toyota Hiace before taking on much bigger Toyota coach. Ugyen had been ushering guests since the start of our company.

Ugyen is proud of showing around magnificent country and making tourists feel so at home when they are so far away from home. Being one of the most disciplined and experienced driver, he is highly recommend by our clients and friends. He is wonderful and very accommodating to clients.

Namgay Thinley Guide Since 2005:

Namgay has traveled extensively throughout the Bhutan and North East of India “Bhutan is a region that I hold dear to my heart,” he says enthusiastically. “Not only does it offer the most unique, un spoilt cultural destinations on Earth, its people have a warmth and passion for life that I love.” As a Tour Guide, Namgay had the joy of introducing AHKE guests to these rich cultures, “so deeply focused on Buddhism, Happiness, and visiting some of the Kingdom’s medieval fortresses.”

Sonam Dorji Tourists Coach Chauffer Since 1999

Our own grand old guy (he want all of us to think that way). Sonam Dorji grew up in small-village in Trongsa in central Bhutan and spent his childhood in Trongsa Dzong as a Monk. He later quit monastery life to pursue carrier in military during Bhutan’s troubled times.

But his desire to work for Travel Company and spend his days driving tourists led him to AHKE and he’s never looked back as our tour company Chauffer.

Sonam draws on a passionate monastery and military inheritance to create unforgettable experiences for our guests: He is one of our finest of drivers. He knows all the Zig Zag curves on all roads from West to East and from North to South of Bhutanese highways. Sonam take up position as a part time comedian and jester.

Kemey Dorji Tour Guide Since 2005.

Born in Phobjekha valley in Wangduephodrang district and raised in different part of country, Kemey has always felt the pull to explore new cultures. He has degree from a business and statistic from India.

After receiving business degree in India and working in his earlier days, at call centre in Bhutan and in marketing machines and equipments for farm mechanization for five years. Working infront of the computer, he started realizing his work did not offer him much satisfaction.

Kemey applied to be a Tour Guide because it combined his love for travel and nature. He says the highlight for him is leading in his beloved Phobjekha valley. “From the quaint little village to the vast open spaces of glacial valley, there is no spot on whole Himalayas quite like it, and the best part for me is that its home. I feel a great sense of pride when sharing my knowledge and passion for country and seeing guests’ appreciation for the country’s culture and natural beauty. It makes me feel thankful for where I've come from and where I am today.”

Accompanied by Kemey, observe and participate in the rituals of daily life—from the visit to a 7th century temple where you receive a blessing, to the hanging of traditional prayer flags. Kemey likes pursuing his passion for hiking, walking and amateur photography.

Ngawang Thinley: Guide Since 2007

Ngawang studied in Sikkim for few years and left college to work in tour companies there to learn about native culture and also to earn some much needed pocket money.

He is half Tibetan and lived most part of his years in Thimphu town helping his parent run restaurants. He love cooking varieties of Bhutanese dishes but his favorite is Sha Kam Datse (Dried beef cheese chili in gravy).

His experience in former years working for Sikkim’s tourism and his love for traveling attracted him to join AHKE as tour guide. He likes explaining different Buddhist icons once inside the temple.

Now he lives in Khasakha about 1 hours drive before Thimphu City. While on off duty, he help his father at farm and supplying milk and dairy products to Thimphu city.

Kharga Pradhan Guide Since 2006

Adha Rukha Community based tourism Guide since 2005

Karga is married and native of Tsirang in southern part of Bhutan. He has worked with the company for over 7 seasons. Our experience in Jigme Dorji Wangchuck 's national parks is brought to a whole new level thanks to Kharga. A guide for the past 7 years, Kharga will amaze you with names of each household members in Rukha and Adha. He has frequented the places for now three years.

Dorji Gyeltshen Tour Guide Since 2008 28 Years Old

He has degree from North Bengal University. Dorji has passion for outdoor sport. Founded first rock climbing club in Thimphu. Dorji set out to do social work in earth quake effected region in East of Bhutan. A year later he got employed with various tour companies, leading cultural and hiking trips. He likes discoveries and surprises on his trip and has been part of AHKE Recce team exploring hikes and walks through out the western Bhutan.

He love working as an Ambassador to tourists. He like sharing views on his own country beside folklores of Bhutan while on hikes and overnight camps. He is a father of a girl.

Karma Phuntsho Tour Guide for 6 Years

28 years old, Bap Karma is one of the young guides trained and certified to lead group at AHKE. He is born and brought up in Thimphu. Since high school days, he had passion to work for Tour Company. During high school vacation, his cousins offered him chance to lead few tour groups.

As a Bhutanese who grew up in Babesa then small village (unlike the size that you see now) exploring the mountains of his own backyard. He feels special connection to Himalayas each time he pursues a new trek: “I know exactly how people feel when they get their first glimpse of the our Majestic snow capped Himalayas,” he says. “They’ve read the books and seen the photos, but nothing can prepare them for the sheer grandeur of these peaks”.

Penjore Chauffer for our Driver since 1973

He had been a driver for more than 3 decades. Earlier days, he was employed with Bhutan Govt. Tourism Department then he worked at schools department while also Chauffeuring Royal tutors for Bhutanese Princes and Princesses back in 90s. Since few years, Penjore retired from active services and has joined AHKE to work full time.

He has extensive personal and professional experience driving in Bhutan since start of opening of Tourism (1973). He is strict Buddhist believers and a student of Tibetan Buddhism. During the trips when guest are touring with Guide, he would spend quite time inside temple chanting Buddhist sutras. He is a nice comrade while on tour. We can spend hours chatting about his younger days, when Bhutanese roads were bad and model of cars very slow. He remember driving for 3 days on 180KMs road; Phuntsoling to Thimphu.

Karma Chauffer since 1970

Karma is native of Trashigang. Married with four grown up children. Although he works consistently, he is a grandfather at age 50 years. He drives AHKE Mini Van for past few years. His experience of all most 4 decades on wheel is helpful to our company team.


Jamyang Tshering French Language Guide Since 2005

Yamyang has been our guide for Bhutan. Self taught French speaking guide. He is soft spoken but boasts of expertise in French language and knowledge in local culture and history that is invaluable to first-time visitors and old hands alike. Inside monastery, he connects you to the Monks. Still have a burning question? If you stump on him during his informal Q&A, you can ask—we've tried for years!

Sonam French Language Guide Since 2010

Sonam is our French translators and had worked with us more than two years. Sonam is a native of renowned Jangchubling village in Kurtoe. She travelled to Paris to take care of one of relative who was enthroned as a popular incarnate Buddhist Lama in France. She had lived there for more than ten years. When we have groups and need very good translator, we availed her services. She has fluency in spoken French.

L B Gurung German Language Guide Since 1998

An artificial limb expert in Bhutan. He studied more specialized limb production technology in Germany, where he also developed language skill.

Native of southern Bhutan, he had worked in past with Thimphu and Gidakom hospitals. After retiring he chose to pursue carrier as language tour guide during the season.

Married —and now a dad to two daughters in college—LB has been sharing his passion for Bhutan, Sikkim and the Darjeeling for nearly fifteen years and looks forward to new discoveries with every visit. His attention to detail, witty humor, knowledge of the local haunts and uncanny ability to discern the needs of each guest is legendary.


Bird Rinchen Singye since 15 years

Rinchen have all most two decades of working experience with Flora and Fauna being a park ranger and researcher. He had received training and education in parks of US.

While on trip, he will take you for surprise with his knowledge of each region in Bhutan's diverse ecosystems and delight you with his uncanny ability to spot seemingly invisible birds, wildlife hidden in the forest. With his experienced eye, equipments and trusty scope, you stand an excellent chance of seeing birds - such as White bellied Heron, Red Panda, and perhaps even a few endangered species—that other visitors might completely miss. You will be guided expertly through the Royal Manas national park on Bhutan’s central-south border with India, which is the home to wild elephants, tigers, leopards, rhinoceros, guar, wild boar, wild dogs and deer and for birding expert Rinchen he could show you on ideal time of year Bhutan’s many of the birds veritable paradise with more than seven hundred species having been recorded in this small country.

Ngawang Gyeltsen Our Botany Specialist

Ngawang work as full time researcher at Royal Botanical centre in Thimphu. He has been collecting and documenting plants and flowers species from all region of Bhutan. He is involved in decorating and nurturing Royal Botanical Garden with collected species of plant and flowers from around the country.

Spring season of the year he love to work with AHKE guests explaining details of Himalayan Flora and to let rediscover the beauty—kneeling down to study a wildflower in spring or feel the warmth of a warm autumn air. These are places where he feel more physically and emotionally alive—and he love sharing that experience with our guests. He work with us part time. He has lead Botany group at AHKE for severaltimes.


Bharat Chetri Tour Guide Darjeeling Guide Since 1978

A 34-year veteran of guiding in the Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Dooars region of North Bengal feels a deep passion for the hills of Darjeeling (named Queen of hills in India by British) and the people who live there.

In 1978 after receiving training as local trekking and culture tour Guide he started working for various tour companies in the region. He had guided several hundred tourists over the year.

Skilled at bringing years of native culture to life, Bharat treat you to a unique Dajeeling, Sikkim and Doars experience, and share intimate knowledge of regional customs, history, folklore, music and food.

Namgyal Sikkim Guide Since 1998

Namgay is local tour specialist! He represents our company on field. What a fantastic representative. He is calm, cheerful, obliging wherever he could, objective, efficient and great company. He loves guiding and is always excited about beginning a new trip to the mountains—above all, he loves being in nature and meeting new people.

Whenever he is around clients feel safe even in a remotest of area! From seeking out the most scenic routes to uncovering the hidden hotel gems, his goal is constant: bringing the immediate, highly personal satisfaction of discovering Bhutan on your own terms.
Tshering Choephel trekking Chef since F 1997

Tshering (meaning long life) is a native of Kurtoe village in North East Bhutan. Dropped from high school but he got lucky getting certified and licensed from the Tourism Council of Bhutan as a trekking chef. Been on a job for past fifteen years and served as many as thousand tourists on numerous trekking trials. His favourite is cooking continental, and Bhutanese. He loves being with trekkers on Snowman trek.

Tse Tse Bhutanese Senior trekking Guide

Tall by Bhutanese height. Left high school to work in tourism. In his adventurous life he had lead 9 times, 29 days world toughest snowman beside numerous others difficult trek in the country. He has been guiding for 15 years and is one of our senior most trekking guide. He has in terms of trekking trials, flora and flora real depth knowledge.

Ngedrup Dorji Trekking Chef Since 2005

He started his career as assistant to trek chef back in the year 2000, then as a Cook since 2008. He have trekked almost all the areas of Bhutan, including all time popular Jumolhari, Merak Sakten, Drukpath and Sagala Trek etc. So far we had worked for different foreign clients including British, German, Italian, Australian, Canadian, American, and Japanese etc, but my long term working experience is with American, and British.

The Kolkata Branchprimarily caters to clients while on transit and transfers in Delhi Kolkata.

The Guwahati Branchlooks after the operational requirements of Assam, Arunachal and Meghalaya.

The Gangtok branch caters to the travel requirements of Guests visiting Sikkim.



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