Ecotourism is one of the important components of Bhutan's Tourism’s strategy.

National Parks and Protected Species
All parts of Bhutan offer visitors the opportunity for an exceptional natural and cultural experience. There are many endangered species of animals and birds found in protected parks and forest reserves. Bhutan is home to the endangered Golden Langur, Blue sheep and Royal Bengal Tiger, and the Black-necked Crane. All protected forest area houses several outpost and field station to curve illegal trade on wildlife.

Popular Ecotourism
Ecotourism is most promising tourism component. It caters to many types of tourists including to nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, adventure tourists, bikers, religious tours and education groups. Current popular ecotourism are visits to the Phobjikha Valley to watch endangered Black Neck Cranes, and hike to Taktsang Monastery in Paro.

Other ideas currently being developed include trek through villages located in mountains, and opening up of more potential wild life sanctuary in south. There is government assistance on tourism to develop more diverse and popular Bhutan’s Ecotourism products.

AHKE Adventure Travel works with local communities to promote Ecotourism in way most country has missed it. We offer packages that allow tourist to experience our culture through interaction with local people.



This could mean meeting people at their homes, or villages; or camping near by farmer village.  From this year, we are introducing wondrous out of way adventures to less frequented village of Kurtoe in Bhutan. It is with great excitement and enthusiasm, that we present this program to you under “less frequented journeys”.

Responsibilities to Local Communities
During the trek, and out door activities, we try to operate in the communities with great responsibilities, and care. We do this by acting in a manner that is environmentally, socially and economically responsible. While Bhutan sustainable tourism policies are firm in mind of government and constantly evolving, our commitment to environmentally and socially beneficial activities at all level is put in right direction. We are committed to offering low environment impact tours that benefit traveller and host alike. We work with local villagers, small businesses and individuals to help create at grass root level social and economic opportunities for them, while preventing any negative environmental and cultural erosion.

We work as a responsible travel agent to promote active Eco Tourism, which is reflected in every aspect of our day to day travel Business, whether on wilderness camp site, or on group visit to village festivals.  We think of ecotourism as what we can share to promote and in return, give back something to our pristine environment.  AHKE Adventure Travel will continue to work with local communities to promote sustainable tourism in way most country has missed it. We want to offer world what little a company like ours could.

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