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Getting to Bhutan
Bhutan is accessible by air and by land. Entry by air is through Paro International Airport, the only airport in the Kingdom. It is located in the western part of Bhutan. At this time, National Carrier, Druk Airlines has flying arrangement between Paro and 6 other sectors: Delhi, Dhaka, Bangkok, Kathmandu, Kolkotta, and Rangoon. It operates several flights between these sectors in a week. Many more sectors including Mumbai, Chennai, Singapore, Hong Kong are being explored and will soon be part of destination for Druk Airlines.

Entering by flight to Paro
Airbus A-319 jets transport passengers in and out of Paro. View of Eastern Himalayan Range during the flight is said to be one of the most spectacular flight paths in the world. On a journey from or to Kathmandu, 4 of the 5 highest mountains in the world are seen on clear day. Do not miss the first experience of landing at Paro. The small airstrip between the narrow hills in Paro valley appear so abruptly that you only get chance to take one breath and marvel the sight.

We welcome you at Paro Valley
Paro is one of the most fertile districts in Bhutan. Lying at an elevation of 2350 meters, the valley is surrounded with high mountains covered with snow during most part of the year. Company representative will welcome you at the Airport with traditional fanfare, and white ceremonial Khadhar (Scarf), blessing you with safe journey through out Bhutan. and help you with Visa formalities. Drive to Thimphu, Capital city of Bhutan is 1 and half hour from Paro.

Arriving by Road
While entry can be made either by Samdrupjongkhar in far South East or through Phuntsoling in South West part of Bhutan. Both are bordered with Indian State, and later is biggest commercial town in Bhutan. Distance from Phuntsholing to Thimphu can be covered in 7 hours.

Distances and Travel Times within Bhutan



Travel Time

Thimphu – Paro

65 km

1 hr 30 min

Thimphu – Phuntsholing

176 km

6 hrs

Phuntsholing – Bagdogra (India)

170 km

4 hrs

Thimphu – Ha

115 km

3 hrs 30 min

Ha – Paro

60 km

2 hrs 30 min

Thimphu – Wangdue Phodrang

70 km

2 hrs

Thimphu – Punakha

77 km

2 hrs 15 min

Punakha – Wangdue Phodrang

21 km

30 min

Wangdue Phodrang – Trongsa

129 km

4 hrs

Trongsa – Bumthang

68 km

2 hrs 30 min

Bumthang – Mongar

129 km

4 hrs

Mongar – Trashigang

90 km

3 hrs

Trashigang – Trashi Yangtse

55 km

2 hrs

Getting around the Bhutan
Usually travel through road to Bhutan is undertaken to complement one of your trip to nearest state in Eastern part of India. All districts Head Quarter in Bhutan are accessible with road except Gasa. Journey through out Bhutan is organized through Luxury Cars for smaller or in Bus for larger group. Road may not be straight or flat in many places, but it is well networked and most places can be reached between 6 to 7 hours of journey. For you, comfortable journey time has been arranged to able to see places during and after you reach new destinations.

Bhutanese People
People are frank, helpful and out spoken. If you lost on your way, or you want to see any kind of help, you can unhesitantly catch one passer by and ask him or her.  Most people in town can converse in English. 

Ngultrum (Nu.) at par with Indian Rupee or US $ 45 (RMA, May 2006). Traveler can exchange their money in hotels and or at the Air port through Govt. approved money exchanger. There are few craft shops which accept American Express or Visa Cards.

Travel in Bhutan
Tours are escorted by licensed guides by Department of Tourism. Depending on your needs foreign language guide can also be arranged.  Hotels and food are arranged and paid for within the amount you paid. There is no extra payment except for visa, and museum fees.

Bhutanese delicacies are rich with spicy chilies and cheese. AHKE Adventure Travel selected list of hotels and lodges offer delicious Chinese, Continental, Bhutanese and Indian Cuisine. Even on trek AHKE Adventure travel trained cooks prepare dishes suitable to western taste ranging from Continental to Chinese and Bhutanese to Indian.

Places in Bhutan start at hot topical climate in south to extreme cold condition in north.
During the summer, Trashigang, Phuntsoling, Samdrupjongkhar, Wangduephodrang, Punakha are hot at an average temperature between 25 and 33 degree Celsius. While places in middle or temperate region, Thimphu, Paro, Bumthang in Bhutan experiences very nice weather condition with temperature between 15-25 Degree Celsius. Winter is very cool in these areas, where Bumthang have much harsher climate.
July and August can be preety rainy months, with monsoon around the regions.
Winter in Bhutan is from mid-November until mid-March, with low humidity. Temperature is as high as 15 degree, while minimum goes below minus 5. March, April, May and Mid August, September, Oct, are the best time to visit Bhutan with clear sky, and lots of Sun.

Due to wide range of temperature and climatic conditions it is advisable to bring appropriate clothing. During visit of monasteries, Dzongs and other religious institutions you would be adviced to wear proper attire, and follow proper dress code.

What you can bring along
Important list that you shouldnot miss out.

    1. sunglasses, spare glasses or contact lenses,
    2. sun screen, preparation for relief of sunburn,
    3. Sufficient cotton shirt or T
    4. Good working shoes,
    5. Toiletries
    6. Good sun cap,
    7. insect repellent,
    8. hand cream,
    9. torch or flash light with spare batteries,
    10. nail clippers,
    11. antiseptic cream,
    12. anti-histamine cream,
    13. anti diarrhea pills,

The photographic opportunities on all trips are immense. You will also wish to record the local people, their houses and shops etc. Always ask by gesture if it is ok to do so. Don't take your destination as living museum. Also while visiting Dzong, monasteries and religious institutions, please follow your guide's instruction carefully.
35mm colour print film is readily available. Slide film is more difficult to find. Bring enough batteries if you use lithium batteries.

Health information
No vaccinations are currently required for travelling to Bhutan. However if you are arriving from an area infected with yellow fever, you are required to have a yellow fever vaccination and should be administered at least 10 days before your arrival in Bhutan. Also if arriving from a Cholera infected area, the vaccination is strongly recommended. Anti-malarial medication is also recommended for all travelers who are visiting rural areas in the districts that border India.

You can shop at numerous tourist handicraft shops, and post office for those of who collect stamps.

Electricity is 220/240 volts. You should have much problems, incase you have doubt bring along international electricity converter kit.

We recommend that all travelers obtain a short-term traveler's insurance policy, which covers everything from life and emergency medical care to lost baggage.

Visitors must be informed that Bhutan is remote and a unique country and all the facilities are not the best. There are comfortable hotels, lodges and guesthouses at tourist destinations. Western Bhutan has better hotels while in central and eastern part of the country; accommodations are more rudimentary but cleaned.

The telecommunication services available in the Kingdom include: telephones, facsimile, telex, telegraph, international phone links and 14.4 Internet e-mail cafes.

Bhutan Travel Guide
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.: Can I use ATM in Bhutan?
.: As it is going to be my first visit to your country, can you briefly describe nature of Bhutanese?
.: How is weather like in Bhutan?
.: Is it true that we have to pay 200 US$ per person per night as a tourist in Bhutan?
.: How do I book my trip?
.: How do I greet in Bhutanese?
.: Do you have references for your trips?
.: What's included in the trip price?
.: Trip price does not include
.: What kind of shape does my client need to be in to enjoy their trip?
.: What are standard accommodations on the trips?
.: Who will lead my client's trip?
.: How far in advance do I need to book the trip?
.: Why book your clients on a The AHKEA?
.: What sets The AHKEA apart from other Adventure Travel Companies?

Can I use ATM in Bhutan? ^
No, but there are Handicraft shops which accept Credit cards on purchase of goods.

As it is going to be my first visit to your country, can you briefly describe nature of Bhutanese? ^
Bhutanese are friendly, generous, and helpful people. Incidence of theft or inflicting harm to stranger is very rare.

How is weather like in Bhutan? ^
March - May/Spring, and Mid August - October/Autumn is fairly warm with temperature between 12-25 Degree Celsius, while summer between June and mid August is mostly rainy, with temperature between 15-27 Degree Celsius. Winter months are November until late February. It is cold at temperature between -5 degree +16 during day.

Is it true that we have to pay 200 US$ per person per night as a tourist in Bhutan? ^
Yes, it is true.

How do I book my trip? ^
You can directly write to us or write to one of our trusted partner abroad. Do let us know what you want to do, while in Bhutan, or list out any special interest that we might be able to help you with for the trip.

How do I greet in Bhutanese? ^
KUZUZANGPOLA! Meaning; wishing you good body, or health.

Do you have references for your trips? ^
Absolutely! All Himalayan Kingdoms Eco Adventure (AHKEA) is happy to provide travel agents and your prospective clients with the names of past clients who have volunteered to be references.

What's included in the trip price? ^
• double-occupancy accommodations
• all meals & snacks
• activities and equipment as specified on trekking trips
• expertise and services of professional guide and leaders
• personalized itineraries
• transportation: 4 WD car, bus, or van to support a variety of route options
• taxes, and royalty
• pre-departure information
• plus a farewell drink

Trip price does not include ^
• airfare
• personal insurance
• personal expenses
• alcoholic beverages
• gratuities to trip leaders as deemed appropriate
• visa fees

What kind of shape does my client need to be in to enjoy their trip? ^
The adventure is designed for all abilities! Some trips are more challenging than others and we suggest that you refer to detail itinerary of the trip you have chosen or enquire with us.

What are standard accommodations on the trips? ^
Standard accommodations on our whole trips are double occupancy and almost always with private bath (unless otherwise specified in our detailed trip itineraries). We assign two people per room by gender, unless a couple or friends ask to be in the same room. However, on treks, 2 men tent are shared between two.

Who will lead my client's trip? ^
At The AHKEA, we realize that a trip is only as good as its leaders, and ours are among the best. Our guides' in-depth knowledge of the local geography, natural history and culture comes from years of experience in the backcountry. They take great pleasure in sharing their insights with your clients. In addition to sharing hidden wonders they may never find on their own, our guides make sure your clients vacation runs smoothly, delivering an unforgettable experience. Above all, our guides are an extraordinary group of gifted professionals who are congenial, caring and fun loving. Their attention to detail is unmatched, their enthusiasm infectious, and their personalities and talents make the difference between a good trip and a great one!

How far in advance do I need to book the trip? ^
The farther in advance that you book your trip, the better selection of available departure dates you will have. For holiday trips, you'll want to reserve several months out to find the best selection.

Why book your clients on a The AHKEA? ^
• Receive one to one care during your stay with us.
• We offer personalized service and unsurpassed support with an average guide to guest ratio of 1:8.

What sets The AHKEA apart from other Adventure Travel Companies? ^
• We are a small company committed to serving and supporting the agents who represent our tours.
• Top uncompromised services, and equally good trip organization.
• We offer more backcountry getaways in remote part of Bhutan.
• We specialize in hidden, off-the-beaten-path travel experiences.
• Our professional naturalist guides are local to the area of their specialization we operate.


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