You and your travel companion will have a private vehicle (SUV) and professional driver. Both the driver and vehicle will be at your service throughout your experience in Bhutan and will allow you to explore at your own pace and discover the places of the greatest interest to you.
In addition to your private driver, you also will have a professional, English-speaking Bhutanese guide who is specially trained in the history and culture of his country. He also will ensure your comfort throughout your experience and serve almost like a personal concierge. From translating conversations with monks in the monasteries to arranging for picnic lunches and shopping trips, he will be a wonderful resource and always at your disposal.
At the end of each day, your guide will discuss plans for the following day and arrange a time to meet you in the morning.
Your driver and guide will do everything they can to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. If they provided outstanding services, which we expect they will, we recommend a gratuity. They will ap-preciate anything you offer. Feel free to give them U.S. currency, as it is easy for them to convert to local currency.

In place of a dedicated concierge for this, “Once in a lifetime experience”, we have a pre-travel ad-visor available. The advisor can work with you to determine your best options for excursions, trans-portation to and from the experience destination, and other information to make your planning easi-er.

Your travel advisor for Bhutan: Nyendra Wangchuk
Advisor phone +975 1711 3748 (Mobile)
Advisor fax +975 2 33633 Advisor email

Bhutan's Lifestyle
Bhutan Trekking65% of Bhutanese live on farms, in remote hamlets, amidst sylvan settings. The fast life that is both the badge and bane of modern living is alien to the season-paced lifestyle of these agrarian folk.
The national dress is a distinctive one, finely woven from multicoloured, vibrant-hued wool, cotton or silk. The male attire is called a "gho" and the female, the "kira". Jewellery is primarily coral, tur-quoise, pearls and agate set in exquisitely crafted gold and silver.

Bhutan's Food
Bhutan TrekkingThe cuisine of the country is robust with lots of meat, cereals and vegetables, liberally spiced with chillies. Salted butter tea, called "suja", which may sit strangely on occidental tongues, is customari-ly and frequently served along with puffed or pounded rice and maize. Potent rice, wheat and bar-ley wines are brewed locally.

Bhutan's Festivals
Bhutan TrekkingBhutanese religious dances are called "CHAM" and there are a large number of them. Dancers wear spectacular costumes made of yellow silk or rich brocade often decorated with ornaments of carved bone. For certain dances, they wear masks, which may represent animals, fearsome deities, skulls, manifestation of Guru Rimpoche or just the simple human beings.

Bhutan's Sports
Bhutan TrekkingArchery is the popular and perennial national sport played usually with bamboo bows and arrows. An integral part of most festivities, archery matches are gala affairs with music, dances, drinks and fun.

Bhutan's Mountains
Bhutan TrekkingArchery is the popular and perennial national sport played usually with bamboo bows and arrows. An integral part of most festivities, archery matches are gala affairs with music, dances, drinks and fun. Jumolhari (7,314 metres (23,997 feet)) sometimes known also as "the bride of Kanchenjungja”.
Gangkar Puensum is the highest mountain in Bhutan and the highest unclimbed mountain in the world with an elevation of 7570 metres and a prominence of over 2990 metres. After Bhutan was opened for mountaineering in 1983, there were four expeditions that made failed summit attempts in 1985 and 1986.
Kula Kangri (7,554 metres /24,784 feet) is claimed by many authorities to be the highest mountain in Bhutan but this is disputed by others, who claim that Kula Kangri is wholly in Tibet. The first ascent was in 1937 by Chapman and Dawa Lama.

Bhutan's Animal
Bhutan TrekkingTakin: The 'Dong Gyem Tsey' s Bhutan's national animal for its uniqueness and strong association with the country's religious history and mythology.
Snow Leopard; It has long, thick smoky gray fur with dark rosettes and spots, and a very long thick tail. Weighing up to 75 kg, it has large, well-cushioned paws, a strong chest, and short fore-limbs that enable it to scale outcroppings high on cliffs.

Bhutan's Religion
Bhutan TrekkingBhutan is the land where people believe that fluttering prayer flag, hoisted on mountain passes, car-ry messages and prayers for peace and happiness of all sentient beings in the valley.
Bhutan is the last surviving bastion of Tantric Mahayana Buddhism, maintained in the form and practiced since the 8th Century AD.



Where to you World Web Wild???
FUN FACT: The world Wide Web
The people of Bhutan live a very low-tech lifestyle, and internet was introduced to Bhutan only in 1999. Now cafes are everywhere in Bhutan. One in 88 Bhutanese have internet connection at home, and even quiet monks have made their way to the World Wide Web.

Charging up battery: Plugs
Bhutan Trekking Bhutan Trekking Bhutan Trekking

230V 50Hz electricity and we recommend that you bring outlet converters.

Dressing in this country:
The Kingdom of Bhutan has a national “costume” that both Bhutanese men and women are encour-aged to wear at all times. Western dress is frowned upon for native Bhutanese, but it is becoming more common as the kingdom opens its doors to outside influence.
The men’s garment is called a Gho, and the women wear Kira.
Western visitors can wear comfortable, casual clothing without offending. However, short pants and “beach attire” are generally not recommended, while you are visiting Monasteries and Dzong (Fortress). We recommend that you pack one slightly more formal outfit, since there may be oppor-tunities for you to visit festival or meet with high ranking government officials or royalty or meet you host. In these cases, it is important to be dressed appropriately.
In addition to your normal daily clothes, you will need the following:

Where you will dine?
Most meals are covered by your paid fee and will often be taken at the tourist grade restaurants or in the hotels. Most restaurants we use serve assortment of Chinese, Indian and Continental cuisine, as well as spicy Bhutanese dishes. List of restaurant for your meal choice will be available with Guide.
Vegetarian dishes are virtually always available in Bhutan. You can also usually expect beef and pork, but you will not typically find chicken or fish dishes. Meals in group are served all mixed up Buffet. Your guide and driver will provide bottled water as needed.

Activities and Itineraries
Your journey to Bhutan’s highlands and cultural sites will give an introduction to the environment of the eastern Himalayas and the gentle way of life of the people. The AHKE Adventure has design your program, providing privileged access to people and places not typically open to tourists. During and after you're experience, you will understand why Bhutan is voted as exclusive travel destination all over the world.
Your experience in Bhutan is yours to determine- the following suggestions are intended to give you a starting point. You have chosen to travel and explore on your own for personal discovery with the help of your guide and driver. You’ll have the flexibility to explore this remarkable place at a pace and schedule that best suits your own needs and interests. (We also ask you to also keep in mind that in Bhutan, you may encounter a few surprises along the way that might require flexibility from you in return)
Accommodations and scheduled meals are included in the experience, but you will be able to ex-plore different dining options if you choose.
We are pleased to offer this truly remarkable experience. We trust that you will have exciting jour-ney that provides a sense of discovery, adventure and renewal.

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