Why Bhutan

Kingdom of Bhutan is often called land of “Thundering Dragon”, where regardless of life's hard-ships due to ancient practices, Bhutanese devotion to the Buddhist teaching of loving-kindness, and selflessness remains ever present. Bhutanese have a strong belief in the existence of inherent good-ness in human beings and in Karma, rebirth or reincarnation.
Bhutan tourism policies have preserved and nurtured our centuries old culture, and tradition while protecting rich Bhutan’s flora and fauna in its’ original form. Our guests can be always promised an authentic Bhutan experience with many features and traditions resembling that of medieval period. Bhutan is today considered an ultimate tourist hotspot by travelers, media, travel magazines and bloggers.
We welcome you to visit Bhutan, perhaps the last shangri la on earth before this unique piece of cul-ture and lifestyle fade away with modernization.
Bhutan as a destination offers unlimited experiences - for varied kinds of visitors. You can witness centuries old mask dance festivals throughout the year inside 17th century huge Dzongs or fortress-es, or you can walk up to village homes and mingle with peaceful and hospitable farmers. You can be part of a photographic journeys, or nature trips traveling amongst areas abundance in flora, and fauna. You can even plan with us your trek choosing from range of trails in those mountains which are least frequented in the world or where only few or no foreigners have ever been before.

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